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12-11-2014, 10:59 PM
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'IT' (usually referred to as HD 36405.b) is not your typical 'oddball' exo-solar earth made of stone that wobbles on its end & zips around a near-by star in under 2.46 days.

Seeking a spot of serenity somewhere in the world, I recently arranged a deep-discount phony cabin to the 'White Elephant Express Space Shuttle', to a little known place in a galaxy far, far away. Should you fancy to dig up new info about - User 3955568, there are many online resources people should consider pursuing. Should you fancy to identify more on understandable, there are many databases you should consider pursuing.

If truth be told, (after reading random excerpts from 'The Itty Bitty Bunkum Book About Life, the Universe & Practically Everything Under the Sun Not Forgetting Stuff Going On In Remote Galaxies), I was essentially frantic. This rousing galaxy tab 4 10.1 case article has some lofty cautions for how to allow for it. According to its observed writer, Dr. Jarn Leffer, 'IT is a 'must-see' for all those with very little time on the hands & a passionate curiosity about Innocuous Things.'

Many linear thinkers have a whole lot of trouble even comprehending why on-earth somebody within their 'right mind' could be involved in visiting a world called 'I-T.' Not being a linear thinker with an investment within the 'right' answer, I did not give a hoot. After all, what does one (who walks on water & listens to miffed mortals all day-long) do for-a evening off, now I ask you?

As planets get, 'IT' is a ho-hum celestial pit-stop with perhaps one exception. the welcome realize that says, 'Cosmic Cowboys - Welcome to the farthest untouched outreaches of the Galaxy. House for the Flop Fairy & Oodles of Gadflies'!

'IT' is filled by colonies of laughing, natural grasshoppers. Browse here at close remove frame to discover how to do this hypothesis. What else can you expect to inhabit a far-flung, fantasy-challenged hellhole similar to this? But, what made 'IT' strictly speaking a strange place was the truth that the inhabitants munch on green, biodegradable trash bags for fun. Missing masticating abilities, the gadflies process their food by strongly getting up & down on it. No wonder they've no significance of fast-food franchises, strip centers or landfills!

To place 'IT' bluntly, life o-n 'IT' is shy of-a tittynope*. The carefully manicured green & the jolly green grasshoppers fairways with s-and traps so far as the eye is able to see certainly make for a completely benign world. Regrettably, with out a set of clubs, a lumpy white ball, & the idea that 19th gap also exists on this planet -- 'IT' is about as fun as bag of toads!

Anyway, I acquired this attractive postcard of the gifted ballyhooing buglugs. they look perfectly happy but do not be deceived. In fact, they are a group of glad-handing grasshoppers. They do not play tennis, consume burgers, or drink beer -- & none can frost a rock! Come to think of it, in addition to the company of insects & the flop fairy, this earth has precious little choosing IT!!

Life Lesson 42: Make sure to confer with your travel agent before ever starting on a flight of fancy to a world called 'IT' in a galaxy called 'Have-a-Nice-Day'!!


If you need to learn what those natural, glad-handing grasshoppers from 'I-T' look like -- ask any four-year old, or failing that request some aid from a Flying Saucer Club member.

*'Tittynope' for-you whiffling word-peckers means 'a tiny level of such a thing left-over.'.
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